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Keep staff 'In Touch' so you stay 'In Control'.

There's nothing like watching an event come together like clockwork as your staff go about there tasks and your patrons laughing, smiling, drinking and eating, captivated by the entertainment, pandemonium at bay behind the scene. But situations can rapidly change with order becoming chaos, demand overwhelming supply and safety turned into danger.

 Event co-ordinators no from experience that the only way to control an event with the up most efficiency is to be in constant communication with your staff, you have to stay 'In Touch' to stay 'In Control' and radio is the tool of choice for any gig indoors or out.

Two Way Radios provide the instantaneous communications with your staff that allow you to implement your plans immediately and have your staff located and performing what has to be done when it needs to be done, in sync with the event as it unfolds.

Like a grand conductor in an orchestra you control your staff with delicate precision and bring your work groups together in harmony. Without Two Way Radio your coordination soon becomes disorganization. We can provide the two way radio tools you need, contact us for testimonials from security and event coordinators for all manor of events.


Did you know?
  • Two Way Radios are a 'one on many' broadcast system, this means all members or members of a group hear the conversation allowing them to add input to a scenario. For example say somebody was closer too or already at a particular location, that person may be able to sort it out thereby maximizing efficiency, if your communications are one on one you lose the third party input. All of our radios are capable of four groups and up so we can provide you with organized but separated work groups minimizing communication congestion and confusion. Another example would be that you may require Stage, Security, Gate, Event Coordination and Catering to be separated on there own groups to work effectively. We can do this and many things more with two way radio.

  • Purchasing equipment for events is hard to do, how much do you need? Requirements change right? Sometimes you need allot sometimes not and in between none. If you own your own equipment then you will need to maintain it $. If you rent it you can have just the right amount every time and the equipment is maintained for you.

    Renting radio equipment allows you to choose the best of breed rather than settling for a lower class product. Contact us we can help you from start to finish.



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